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Sunipa Pictures

Sunipa Pictures

The Highwaypersons

'The HighwayPersons' - a British comedy film about tough times in rural Britain.

Four friends go for a drink to talk through their woes and accidentally commit the first highway robbery since 1831.

The crowdfunder is here:

We're raising funds to make the film because we think that poverty in the UK is often looked at as an urban issue. But rural Britain has a story to tell too, a lack of decent paying jobs and second home ownership locking people out of not only buying, but letting a house in the area they are from. Any help you could give raising the issues with us would be amazing. The film is also very very silly. No finger wagging, but a story with a heart. We are trying to raise £100,000 to make the whole film as we have now tapped out our own resources and all of our favours getting this far!

The VCS Project Berlin

Shot and Edited for Thing of Beauty this series of 30 films about Jesus and Mary were filmed over 10 days in two museums. A minimal crew to allow access and a great team that made these films visually stunning and interesting. Currently with the works on show at the Bode and Germadergallerie in Berlin.

A simple act of wonder

A short piece of drone flying for the Fabrica art Gallery. Great piece of work for a local gallery. Featuring the large outdoor installation by Walter and Zoniel.

The McMurtry Spéirling - Goodwood Festival of Speed

Shot a short film for Goodwood about the McMurtry Spéirling A testbed for a potential all-electric GT racer, this low-drag, high downforce prototype looked and went like nothing else over the weekend. A slippery shape is augmented by two enormous fans that create downforce and a thunderous noise.

Smyths Toys Hape

Recent film for Heartstrings Directed by Mat Sunderland of Sunipa Pictures.

The Woolroom Brand films

Created over multiple locations, timezones and industrial sites, we created a wonderful, emotional film for the woolroom brand.

In the artist studio episode 9 Horace Panter

Another ITAS film. This time Horace Panter, Painter and Bassist with the Specials. Shot an edited as a personal project for the company a great interview with a talented artist and musician.

Mumford and Sons - Entwined

One of a series of films are`created for the fantastic Mumford and Sons. Shot in the course of a day following Jennifer, a superman, travelling from a small cumbrian town to Manchester. Shot on URSA and Osmo pocket. A quick shoot. A long edit. A great experience.

Great Little Trading Company

A catalogue film showing all the great products at GLTC. Shot for Jonathan Armstrong direct for GLTC.

Lovely work. Lovely Shoot.

The Rosthschild's at Waddesdon

Shot and Edited by Sunipa Pictures for Leah at Thing of Beauty.

BAVARIA - Manchester Take Over

Our low budget epic. 5 Countries, and Manchester, in 2 days of frenetic filming. Rain, See, Cows and Dogs will not allow our intrepid bar person to fail.

Monet and Architecture - Venice

A film project with Director Leah Kharibian. Shot on the Grand Canal in Venice. An amazing shoot. Truly enjoyable shoot. Sunipa provided Kit, Shooting and Editing services for this film.

Smyths Q-Play Trike

A low budget TVC for Smyths Toys. Shot with 4 children over the course of a day. Lucky with the weather and the casting was excellent.

Sunipa Current Toys Showreel

Find a series of films produced for and about toys.

The LBA - Positive Action

A charity project produced by Sunipa Pictures for the London Basketball Assosiation. One of several including instagram teasers as well as facebook and youtube version. With and without subs.

Allergan AMI Mexico

A film showing the exciting three day training event in Mexico showcasing the Allergan Medical Institutes teaching and experts in a series of Ted type Lectures and discussions over three days.


An athlete film about a remarkable product. Shot over the course of a days training.

In The Artist Studio Ian Miller

4th in a series of personal films about artists. Here Ian Miller chats about creativity, perseverance, luck and monsters.

Canaletto and the Vedute Room

Recently created for the Wallace collection and Thing of Beauty
and shot and edited this piece,

Mat Sunderland Aerial Showreel.

The world looks even more amazing from above. This year I passed my Pilots test and gained my UAV Licence as well as my CAA Permit for Aerial Work, PfCO. Which means I can produce stunning images like these for your project.

AMI Prague

The end of show video created over the course of a 3 day event in Prague. I shot and edited the film before an on site edit and delivery.

The Audacity Of Christian Art

Filming and heading the multi camera team for this production.

Japfest for HutchTV

Short piece I filmed for HutchTV, filming a day out at Japfest in Silverstone.

Waddesdon Furniture Films

Shooting a series of films for the installation of furniture films through out the Manor at Waddesdon. Chance to really lovingly look at these pieces.

In the Artist Studio Episode 1 Sam Hewitt

The first is a series of short films about artists. Created to engage lesser known artists in a conversation about the wider arts.

Bavaria Taste Independence Commercials

A series of 2 ads for Bavaria Beer. The largest independent brewer in the world. Created with the Stawman Agency in Stamford. Great project to work on.

Ted Baker - Take the Scenic Route

A short film about the shoes that Ted Baker produce. Working with the talented Jonathan Armstrong and Phil Arthur.

Canterbury - Committed to the Game

The trailer for the series of films I created for Canterbury\'s Committed to the game filming.

Waddesdon Carpet Bedding Film

A lovely time-lapse for Waddesdon Manor of the carpet bedding being laid over the course of a day. From design to delivery at the expert hands of Paul the head gardener.

Great Little Trading Company

These several short films showcasing these children\'s products for Jonathan Armstrong at the Great Little Trading company. Great shoot with fantastic performances.

Bavaria Brand Films

I Produced and Directed this films for the Stawman Creative team.

Ellesse Autumn Winter 2014

A fashion film with moving lights and great colours. Shot over the shoulder of a photographer with Phil Arthur and Jonathan Armstrong.

Tesco Living Fitness videos.

A series of 11 films showing you simple exercises you can do in your own home.

The National Gallery

Building the picture. Produced by Leah Kharibian Cameron, I have shot and edited this series of films for the National Gallery.

Sunipa Pictures is a small, independent, production company which produces high quality content for fashion, sport and business companies as well as such institutions as The National Gallery.

Our work is of constantly high quality and scope and the members of our team which we can bring in have produced work from feature films to promos, from childrens television to corporate films. With relationships with scriptwriters, producers, directors and a host of film services we can provide a service from your initial idea to following a provided brief.

We can produce high quality films for web, television, B2B and B2C and POS distribution.

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