Sunipa Pictures

In the Artist Studio Episode 1 Sam Hewitt

The first is a series of short films about artists. Created to engage lesser known artists in a conversation about the wider arts.

Bavaria Taste Independence Commercials

A series of 2 ads for Bavaria Beer. The largest independent brewer in the world. Created with the Stawman Agency in Stamford. Great project to work on.

Canterbury - Committed to the Game

The trailer for the series of films I created for Canterbury\'s Committed to the game filming.

Waddesdon Carpet Bedding Film

A lovely time-lapse for Waddesdon Manor of the carpet bedding being laid over the course of a day. From design to delivery at the expert hands of Paul the head gardener.

Aerial showreel.

Our latest drone reel. Featuring Aerial shots from Waddesdon Manor to the Chattery in East Sussex.

Bavaria Brand Films

I Produced and Directed this films for the Stawman Creative team.

Great Little Trading Company

These several short films showcasing these children\'s products for Jonathan Armstrong at the Great Little Trading company. Great shoot with fantastic performances.

Ted Baker - Take the Scenic Route

A short film about the shoes that Ted Baker produce. Working with the talented Jonathan Armstrong and Phil Arthur.

Ellesse Autumn Winter 2014

A fashion film with moving lights and great colours. Shot over the shoulder of a photographer with Phil Arthur and Jonathan Armstrong.

Tesco Living Fitness videos.

A series of 11 films showing you simple exercises you can do in your own home.

The National Gallery

Building the picture. Produced by Leah Kharibian Cameron, I have shot and edited this series of films for the National Gallery.

Sunipa Pictures is a small, independent, production company which produces high quality content for fashion, sport and business companies as well as such institutions as The National Gallery.

Our work is of constantly high quality and scope and the members of our team which we can bring in have produced work from feature films to promo\'s, from children\'s television to corporate films. With relationships with scriptwriters, producers, directors and a host of film services we can provide a service from your initial idea to following a provided brief.

We can produce high quality films for web, television and POS distribution.

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